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Maths Week 2017

The pupils of Edmondstown NS really enjoyed Maths Week 2017! Our Fifth Class pupils acted as buddies to the Infant pupils in Ms. Wallnutt’s class as they completed a maths trail in their classroom, around the school and out in the playground.

Sixth Class pupils worked in pairs to follow the senior maths trail, as did Third and Fourth Class. The emphasis was on having fun while seeing maths in the context of our environment and using correct mathematical vocabulary.


Maths Week 2017 is here!

logo_mw-2017 (1)

Although we missed Monday and Tuesday due to Hurricane Ophelia, we are delighted that Maths Week 2017 is now underway at our school!

Our emphasis will be on using our Maths vocabulary and using Maths in everyday life. Stay tuned for puzzles and games! For those of you who like a challenge, below is a link to the Maths game from Countdown!


Space Week 2017 was out of this world!

Pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed Space Week 2017 at Edmondstown NS! Ms. Wallnutt’s Junior and Senior Infant Class created a wonderful rocket display while Ms. Cooney’s Third and Fourth Class designed an amazing solar system.

As part of our participation in the national Space Week 2017 programme, Edmondstown NS also received a unique image of the moon from Blackrock Castle Observatory!

Edmondstown National School_001.png

3rd and 4th class explore space!

Pupils in Ms. Cooney’s 3rd and 4th class used school ICT to research information for projects on the planets in our solar system as part of Space Week 2017!

To infinity and beyond! Space Week 2017 begins!

Space Week 2017 has kicked off at Edmondstown NS! 5th and 6th class began by learning some key facts about the planets in the Milky Way. Pupils learned about the relative volumes of each planet and used fruit to compare them. We used DK Findout on our school laptops for research.

2017-10-04 10.29.14.jpg

We also learned about the effects of space travel on astronauts’ bodies. Check out this link below for yourself at home for more information!

Check out @SpaceWeekIRL on Twitter to follow more activities nationwide!

A deer visits Edmondstown NS!

Ms. Wallnutt’s Infant classroom was pleasantly surprised to spot a visitor at the fence!



Nature tables throughout the school

Ms. Collins and Ms. Cooney’s classes have been busy walking around our beautiful school grounds to observe autumnal scenes. They have collected some wonderful items for their classes nature tables and sacred spaces in their classrooms.