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Maths Week 2017

The pupils of Edmondstown NS really enjoyed Maths Week 2017! Our Fifth Class pupils acted as buddies to the Infant pupils in Ms. Wallnutt’s class as they completed a maths trail in their classroom, around the school and out in the playground.

Sixth Class pupils worked in pairs to follow the senior maths trail, as did Third and Fourth Class. The emphasis was on having fun while seeing maths in the context of our environment and using correct mathematical vocabulary.


Maths Week 2017 is here!

logo_mw-2017 (1)

Although we missed Monday and Tuesday due to Hurricane Ophelia, we are delighted that Maths Week 2017 is now underway at our school!

Our emphasis will be on using our Maths vocabulary and using Maths in everyday life. Stay tuned for puzzles and games! For those of you who like a challenge, below is a link to the Maths game from Countdown!


Maths in action: Data in 5th and 6th Class

In honour of Roald Dahl’s birthday on September 13th, the pupils of 5th and 6th Class voted on their favourite books by the much-loved author. We created a tally and represented our data in a bar graph, seen below.

Roald Dahl graph

Science Foundation Ireland Plaque of STEM Excellence


We are delighted to announce that Edmondstown NS has received its first SFI Plaque of STEM Excellence Award for 2016/17!

We were required to engage in extensive work in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths. All four classes got involved, with an emphasis on hands-on work.

The highlight of the year was our Science Fair on Friday, April 7th just before the Easter Holidays. Pupils from each class showed off and explained experiments to pupils from other classes, as well as visitors such as parents.

A ‘Log of Evidence’ was compiled showcasing the variety of STEM activity in our school. Well done to all the pupils involved, as well as their supportive teachers, for their excellent work.


Height and shoe size: A scientific study in 5th and 6th class

In 5th and 6th class, pupils created a hypothesis that there is a correlation (relationship) between shoe size and height. In order to test this using the scientific method, they collected data by measuring each other’s heights (using a measuring tape) and shoe size.


We entered our data into the computer and created a scatter graph to examine the relationship.

We came to the conclusion that our hypothesis was correct: there appears to be a connection height and shoe size. In order to follow this up, the pupils plan to measure students from different classes to see if the relationship remains the same.

Infants learn about patterns!

Junior Infants have been working hard on extending patterns.


We made some pretty pictures using different patterns – zig zag, wavy, spotty and vertical and horizontal stripes.


Know your sugar!


5th and 6th class have been discussing healthy living as part of our participation in Food Dudes and the Active School Flag scheme. Today, pupils learned how to read nutritional information on food labels to understand how much sugar is in food and drinks found in our homes. Aoife in 6th class noted both the sugar per 100g as well as the sugar per portion size for each food and drink.