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Science Foundation Ireland Plaque of STEM Excellence


We are delighted to announce that Edmondstown NS has received its first SFI Plaque of STEM Excellence Award for 2016/17!

We were required to engage in extensive work in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths. All four classes got involved, with an emphasis on hands-on work.

The highlight of the year was our Science Fair on Friday, April 7th just before the Easter Holidays. Pupils from each class showed off and explained experiments to pupils from other classes, as well as visitors such as parents.

A ‘Log of Evidence’ was compiled showcasing the variety of STEM activity in our school. Well done to all the pupils involved, as well as their supportive teachers, for their excellent work.



STEM Showcase – Junior and Senior Infants

Mrs. Cleary’s Infant class had the biggest display of the whole showcase and they used their own familiar classroom to show off their hard work to all the older children as well as other visitors.

Among the experiments they showed us were investigations into which materials float and which sink, and which materials are magnetic and which are not.

Science Show & Tell – 1st/2nd class

Ms. Wallnutt’s 1st and 2nd class presented two very interesting and different experiments! At both demonstrations, the pupils had prepared their explanations and delivered them wonderfully. A big well done to all involved, as well as the helpful girls from 5th class who assisted when needed.

  1. Two pupils showed us how the human eardrum works and explained that sound travels in waves. To demonstrate this, they recreated the eardrum by tightly spreading cling film over an empty tin. Rice was spread over the tight surface and sound waves were produced by banging a wooden spoon against the tin’s lid – the children really enjoyed this part! The resulting sound waves caused the rice to ‘dance’!
  2. The pupils showed off their learning about forces – these can be a push or a pull. Inflated balloons were attached to string tied between two chairs. When the balloons were released, the force of the air escaping propelled the balloons along the string! We really enjoyed racing the two balloons!


Science Show & Tell – 3rd/4th class

Pupils from Ms. Collins’s 3rd and 4th class presented two experiments at the Show & Tell.

  1. Pupils demonstrated their understanding of the fire triangle (oxygen, fuel and heat). A jar was placed over a lit candle, which was extinguished when the flame burned up all the available oxygen.
  2. Pupils demonstrated the result of their earlier classroom work preserving leaves. Leaves collected in autumn were preserved in a solution of water and glycerine in a ratio of 2:1. Junior pupils were amazed at the excellent condition of the leaves so many months later!
2017-04-07 11.09.42.jpg

How to preserve leaves (l) and a demonstration of the fire triangle (r).

Science Show & Tell – 5th/6th class

5th and 6th class had four demonstrations at the Show & Tell. Each stand was manned by at least 2 students and pupils rotated the jobs over the course of the morning. Pupils from the other classes really enjoyed watching these practical demonstrations and getting the chance to ask the older children questions and learn from them.

  1.  Pupils demonstrated how a siphon works by transferring water from a higher basin to a lower one using a length of pipe.
  2. Pupils demonstrated how to use a filter to separate soil and water from a muddy mixture.
  3. Pupils demonstrated how approximately 20% of air is comprised of oxygen. They placed a lit candle on a saucer of water with red food dye. When a jar was placed over the candle, the flame was extinguished. With one fifth of the air in the jar now burned off (i.e. the oxygen), the water filled this part of the jar. This experiment also demonstrated the three parts of the fire triangle: oxygen, heat and fuel.
  4. Pupils demonstrated their learning about the various densities of liquids. In a clear jar they put a layer of golden syrup, a layer of water mixed with blue food dye and a layer of oil. The three liquids did not mix well and due to their relative densities they separated and created three distinct layers.

Science Show & Tell – Friday, April 7th

On Friday, April 7th we held our first Science Fair in order to meet Step 5 of the DPSM award for excellence in STEM. Each class in the school had a stand and showed off two or more experiments to other pupils in the school as well as parents and other visitors. The fair offered pupils the chance to discuss their STEM learning with other classes and explain the science behind their fun experiments. On this page you will find photos and information about each class’s experiments.

STEM Show and Tell – Friday, April 7th


On Friday April 7th, Edmondstown NS will host a STEM Show and Tell where pupils from all classes will be able to display and talk about their hard work this year. This will offer pupils of all ages the opportunity to learn from their schoolmates and gain a further insight into what STEM is all about. The focus, as always, is on learning and fun!