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To infinity and beyond! Space Week 2017 begins!

Space Week 2017 has kicked off at Edmondstown NS! 5th and 6th class began by learning some key facts about the planets in the Milky Way. Pupils learned about the relative volumes of each planet and used fruit to compare them. We used DK Findout on our school laptops for research.

2017-10-04 10.29.14.jpg

We also learned about the effects of space travel on astronauts’ bodies. Check out this link below for yourself at home for more information!

Check out @SpaceWeekIRL on Twitter to follow more activities nationwide!


Coding in 5th and 6th Class


Blockly Games

5th and 6th Class kicked off our September STEM work with a first look at coding! Using Blockly Games online we co-operated in pairs to learn the basics of computational thinking. This involves identifying a problem and coming up with a solution in logical steps that a computer would be able to solve.

We tackled the Maze levels, in which we had to guide a character safely from the start to a finish point using as few commands possible. This challenged us to learn about ‘Repeat’ blocks and ‘If’ blocks.


Pupils will have further chances during the year to engage with coding and pupils are encouraged to pursue this at home as well!

-Mr. O’Dwyer

Science Foundation Ireland Plaque of STEM Excellence


We are delighted to announce that Edmondstown NS has received its first SFI Plaque of STEM Excellence Award for 2016/17!

We were required to engage in extensive work in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths. All four classes got involved, with an emphasis on hands-on work.

The highlight of the year was our Science Fair on Friday, April 7th just before the Easter Holidays. Pupils from each class showed off and explained experiments to pupils from other classes, as well as visitors such as parents.

A ‘Log of Evidence’ was compiled showcasing the variety of STEM activity in our school. Well done to all the pupils involved, as well as their supportive teachers, for their excellent work.


5th and 6th class research developing nations with ICT

5th and 6th class recently submitted entries in the Our World Irish Aid Awards, which aims to educate young people about the lives of children in developing countries, and how Irish Aid and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development aim to improve their lives.

Working in groups, the pupils created three projects:

  1. A Child’s Life in Tanzania
  2. Project Vietnam
  3. The Children of Ethiopia

Pupils used ICT in school and at home to find relevant information to support their projects. In particular, they used ‘World Book Online’ and ‘DK Find Out!’ They learned about the importance of using and citing reputable sources of information online, and how to evaluate the credibility of a source.

We wish them the best of luck in the competition!

Checking our learning on Plantations: Kahoot and Padlet in 5th and 6th class

Following a unit of learning on the Plantations, 5th and 6th class used the school laptops to review what they’d learned. Pupils worked in pairs to answer questions in Mr. O’Dwyer’s test on a fun website called Kahoot. Next pupils worked in pairs to share what they’d learned on a shared platform called Padlet.

5th and 6th class get hands-on with a Makey Makey kit!


5th and 6th class enjoyed experimenting with a Makey Makey kit to explore how circuits work and which materials are conductors or insulators. A Makey Makey kit is a simple device which attached by a USB cable to a computer and allows you to control certain keys (e.g. arrow keys, space bar and left mouse click). Then using cables and alligator clips you can connect to various conductive materials to control your computer!

A big thank you to the Bridge 21 centre of Trinity College Dublin for allowing us to experiment with this equipment!

We used Play Doh to control a cool piano app, as well as playing Super Mario! We also managed to create a long high-five between our groups of four to complete a circuit! Check out some more photos below!


Safer Internet Day 2017


Can you spot Edmondstown NS in the Safer Internet Day 2017 video?